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An Heir in Shadow

Morrigan has spent decades hiding in plain sight as a celebrated agent for the Bureau of Preternatural Creatures. As the most powerful fae spell caster alive, she has long stood against the rising tide of evil stalking the innocent people in her home city of Baltimore. When her cover is suddenly blown, Morrigan must finally decide to either embrace the duty of her heritage or to abandon the people she has come to love to one of the greatest enemies she has ever faced.

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The Mother's Flight

Gather round my children...
I have a story to tell this night...
The tale of how I, and you, all came to be.
From the deafening silence of the cosmos to the roar of the waves and the crashing of the sea.
In the brilliant light of the sun, my story begins. I will leave no stone unturned, no evil unspoken, but most of all I will tell you a story of love.
You will learn for the first time what it means to be a Goddess...
Do not be disturbed by the darkness that lurks just beyond our light, for without our darkness none of you could ever shine.

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Rise of the Queen
December 2018
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